Visitor Count

Visit Count Reports are designed to return information about counts of visitors to the study location(s). They are most useful for answering business questions related to volumes of visitors.

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Returns total count of visitors and visits for the timeframe for each study location. The format of the report is:

Polygon Unique Visitor Count Visit Count


A visit is defined as the device being seen on a day in a location. For example, if the report states there was 1 visitor and 2 visits, that means that 1 device was seen in the location on two distinct days.


How can I use the Visitor Count Report to estimate real world visitor counts?

Near does not recommend use of the visit count report to estimate real-world visitors. Rather, we recommend use of our Heartbeat Report for trend analysis of smaller locations.

🔜 Coming soon! We are coming out with a panel-based approach of high-emittance devices. Please contact our support team or your Near representative for more information about our extrapolated visit report.