The Generator report uses recent history of a device’s movements to determine where the device spends its time in the previous 7 days leading up to a location visit.

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The Generator report uses only the last 7 days of data prior to visit to derive its “origin” points. Thus, is a lower fidelity version of the common evening or daytime resting locations found in the CEL/CDL reports. The primary use case is for tourist locations, to derive something like a hotel a visitor was staying in the evenings as opposed to their home markets. Another advantage is that this report generally will have a higher coverage of origin points than the traditional CEL reports due to the lower bar to create that origin point.



Generator Evening Latitude

Generator Evening Longitude

Generator Daytime Latitude

Generator Daytime Longitude



When do I use a Generator report, as opposed to a Common Evening Location / Common Daytime Location report?

A Generator report would be most useful when analyzing behaviors in a tourist town, where something like a hotel would be a device’s “home” for a preceding 7 days, as opposed to their actual CEL.

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