How do I open a TSV file?

Vista delivers most reports in a TSV format. TSV stands for Tab Separated Values and this report can be opened in Excel or similar program.


In Excel select File > Open > Select .tsv file > Open > Text Import Wizard window should pop up:
Step 1: Defaults should be fine, though the user might want to check "My data has headers" if the file has headers.
Step 2: It should default to Delimiters: Tab only.
Step 3: User can modify the Column data format, though the defaults should be okay.
Finish File should open in Excel properly formatted

Alternatively, you could right-click on the .tsv file > Open With... > Select Excel or Choose another app if Excel is not displayed
If Choose another app > Look for another app on this PC > locate and select Excel
Select Always choose this app to open .tsv files will then allow you to just double-click to open any .tsv in Excel

ExcelTSV (2)

On Mac
Select File> Import. From the next dialog box, select “Text Import: text files, which import best when separated by tabs or spaces.” Select your file and click “Get Data.” On the text import widget, select Delimited, Tab, and General and click Finish (Newer versions of Excel allow you to just click “Finish” as it detects these responses). Your file is now ready for use.