How to compare foot traffic for two locations in Pinnacle

This tutorial shows how to compare two QSR locations in Pinnacle

Pinnacle for QSRs: Use case 1

A case in point ━ Josh, a franchise owner of a McDonald’s store located at N Eastern Avenue in Los Angeles wants to optimize his store operations and maximize the impact of the store’s marketing and promotional activities. As a first step, he wants to examine the store and compare it with a Burger King across the street, in terms of foot traffic, visitors’ dwell time, place insights and other community insights.

The following steps show you how getting these insights about Quick Service Restaurants or QSRs is simple with Pinnacle.

  1. First, type the name of the city your store is located in, in the search bar. Select the city name from the search suggestions. Alternatively, you could use the ‘Find My Location’ icon to navigate to your device’s current location.

  1. Type “QSR” in the search bar, to see the entire industry in the selected city.

  1. Zoom in to locate your McDonald's and click on the location pin to get more information about your store. Turn on the ‘Add to Study’ toggle to add your store to a study.

  1. Click on “Search this Area” to see other QSRs in the area. Now we can see that there is a Burger King across the street. Select the Burger King and add that to the study as well.

  1. Now, hit the study button to compare the two. You’ll see powerful analytics and insights about the two locations.

  1. The ‘Visits by time of day’ chart shows that McDonald's appears to be more popular in the morning hours. Whereas the burger king is a bit more popular in the evening hours on the map. We can also toggle on ‘Average QSR’ to get an idea of what would be expected from the industry.

  1. Click on the ‘Map’ icon to visualize the place and community insights about the two stores. Turn on the ‘Work and Home’ toggle, to visualize where visitors to the selected stores work and live.

In this McDonald’s-Burger King example,

  • There seems to be visitors to both locations from the immediate area here (marked in purple).
  • McDonald's has a stronger market share in the immediate area.
  • More people travel a greater distance to get to the burger king location than the McDonald's location.
  • The Burger King has a slightly smaller market share than the McDonald's, but it's propensity to bring in people from a greater distance could be an advantage.

By gaining these insights literally in minutes, Josh is now well-informed to make critical operational as well as marketing decisions for his store, and set himself up for success.