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How to Create a New Vista Insights Report

Running a report is easy and only takes a few steps

  1. Name your report
  2. Enter the address or name of the location, select it and hit enter or click the magnifying glass to navigate the map to the location
  3. Begin drawing a geofence by clicking "Draw Location" button
  4. Click your mouse around the location until it forms a closed shape. When it is a closed shape, it will be shaded.
    Pro Tips on Drawing Geofences

    • Use satellite view

    • Exclude roads if it's clear the road is not exclusive to the location

    • Include parking lots if the parking lot is exclusive to the location

    • Exclude parking lots when the location is shared among various tenants and you only want to focus on a specific one.
  5. Select your time frame. Please note the earliest our data is available is from 2 days prior to the current day. 
  6. Click the "Create Report"
  7. Please allow 30 mins for your report to generate. This is an approximation and may be longer or shorter based on the size of your location and the length of your time frame. 
  8. You will receive an email notification when your report is complete.