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Sharing a Vista Insights Report Using a Share Link

You are able to share your report with anyone by generating a shareable link

Share a Report by Generating a Shareable Link 

  1. On the homepage, you will see your reports listed out.
  2. In the action bar column, you will see an icon. Click on the icon.
  3. You will be in a new page where you manage the link(s) to the report you are sharing. Each report will have its own Manage Shares page. Generate a new link by clicking the blue "Create New Share" button.
  4. Name your share link when the pop up appears. This is so you can organize and keep tabs on who you have shared your reports with. 
  5. After you name your link, you will see it appear in your Manage Shares list.
  6. Copy the link by clicking on the icon that appears when hovering over the link
  7.  Send to your recipient via a method of your choosing.
  8. You can revoke access to a shared report by clicking on the "deactivate" option in the status column for each share link.