How to use Human Movement Data for Cross Shopping Analysis

Using Human Movement Data, businesses can evaluate which brands customers are more or less likely to visit when compared to the average American


Understanding more about your customers can be a challenging proposition.  Developing a loyalty program, running intercept surveys--these are time-consuming and expensive undertakings. This is an area perfect for the application of mobile location data.

A basic cross-shopping analysis can be done by simply cross-referencing your customers with visitors to other locations of interest. This will give an analysis that is a pure count of how many of your customers went shopping at another brand. What this doesn’t account for is whether their habits or patterns are significantly different than an average person--or what makes them unique or different from the population at large.

In order to make this comparison, use Human Movement Data to create a baseline against which to compare your customers to, say, the average American, or the average New Yorker. Use a sampling method across multiple devices to identify average visitation patterns. Then do a comparison between the visitation patterns of your customers vs. the average visitation patterns at large.