How a gym brand used Human Movement Data to determine where to expand

How a gym brand used an analysis of their existing customers to inform expansion into the Mexican market

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A client with multiple fitness locations analyzed customers at one of their locations to inform their decisions on where to expand in the Mexican market. 

This client wanted to know more about where their customers live, work and which other gyms they visit to determine the site of a new location.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 2.44.50 PMReports used:

Where do Customers to this Study Location Live and Work?

Customers of this fitness location mostly live in the immediate area, indicating that convenience is a factor when choosing a gym. There is also a pocket of high density in the city of Garcia.

The map of devices with CDLs looks very similar to the CEL map. There is, however, a pocket of CDLs east of the study location in the center of Monterrey. 

The median CEL distance is shorter than the median CDL distance, indicating that customers live closer than they work to the study location.

What is the Trade Area of this Study Location?

This analysis used common evening, common daytime and path to purchase data. 

The trade area for this study location extends east-west along Manuel J. Clouthier Avenue.  This finding further indicates convenience is a primary factor in visiting this fitness location.

Which Nearby Fitness Locations are Customers Going to?

This study uses a two mile radius around the study location to define customers as living nearby.

Liftum is the most visited gym for residents within the two mile radius. The following top locations are 360 Workout Studio and Smart Fit. These three gyms account for most of the residents within the two mile radius.  

What Actionable Insights Did the Client Gather from this Case study?

  • Customers of this study location live and work in the immediate area and the city of Garcia. Comparatively, there is a higher density of CDLs than CELs in the center of Monterrey. 
  • Customers also live closer than they work to the study location. 
  • The trade area extends east-west along Manuel J. Clouthier Avenue and encompasses the local residential area.
  • The majority of residents within a two mile radius of the study location visit Liftum, 360 Workout Studio and Smart Fit. These top locations are fairly far apart from one another.  

The client learned from this study that placing new fitness locations near residential areas may be a beneficial strategy to reach more customers.  The data also shows the client how its competitors compete for market share and with that in mind, helps them determine the best site for a new location.  Human Movement Data is key for the client to be able to gather these insights and this is just one example in a variety of use cases. 

Insights provided by Azira in this study are aggregated and de-identified, not tied to any single device or individual.  Azira adheres to GDPR and CCPA and has been certified for privacy compliance by Verasafe, an independent third party.

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