Resident Worker

This report returns information on people who live and work in a particular location, including Common Evening Location/Common Daytime Location information.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview

📖Recommended Reading: Prior to using the Resident Worker report, we advise familiarizing yourself with our Common Evening Location (CEL) and Common Daytime Location (CDL) reports and methodology, which drives the results you see in the Resident Worker report.



This report generates a list of all people who have either a CEL OR a CDL inside the (set of) study locations:

Polygon ID UM ID Resident Worker CEL Latitude CEL Longitude CDL Latitude CDL Longitude Commute Distance


The “resident” column is set to TRUE if the CEL is within the study polygon boundaries, FALSE if the CEL exists but is outside the study polygon boundaries, or UNKNOWN if no CEL exists for the device. The “worker” column works the same way, but applies to CDL values. If a device has neither a CEL nor a CDL within the study polygon boundary, it is excluded from this report. It is also possible that a device lives and works within the same study polygon, and in this case, both of these columns are TRUE.

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