Searching and Adding Locations to a Study in Pinnacle

A quick walkthrough of how to add locations to a study in Pinnacle

First, log in at You can log in using the same credentials you use to log in to Vista.

Once logged in, you will see the homepage as shown below.

Click into the Search bar on the top left corner of the page. Type the search term – name of a brand or a location in the search bar and click on one that you would like to add to your study.

Turn on the ‘Add to Study’ toggle to add the selected location to your study.

The selected location shows up on the study panel. Now, click on ‘Back’ to add more locations.

The new location is now added and visible on the study panel.

Continue to add more locations in the same way. Please note that Pinnacle allows you to add up to five locations at once to a study.

Once you have added the required locations, click on ‘Study’ to navigate to the ‘Insights’ section.