Setting Up Visitation Charts in Pinnacle

A quick Pinnacle walkthrough on how to get charts with analytics on who is visiting a location

You will want to start by adding locations to your study. If you do not know how to do that, start with this walkthrough: How to add locations to your study

Here are some of the charts you will see once you have created your study.

  1. Visits over time - When did foot traffic to a place rise and fall throughout the chosen period?
  2. Visits by time of day - Which times of day were the most or least popular?
  3. Visits by day of week - Which days of the week are the most or least popular?
  4. Time spent in place - How much time did visitors spend in the selected places?

Select the required date range by clicking on the date range selector at the top right corner.

Turn on the ‘Avg. QSR’ toggle to add visits the average QSR would receive in the area.

Note: it has average QSRs because we selected QSR locations for the study. If locations from a different industry are selected, you will get the average for that industry.

Click on ‘Bar Chart’ to visualize the charts in the form of a bar chart.

Setting up ‘Visitor Home Locations’ Chart

The ‘Visitor home locations’ chart helps you answer the question – “What are the top geographic areas where visitors live?”

Select the location to see the break-up of its visitors’ home locations.

Home locations can be visualized by province/state, city, or zip code.