Turning on the Activity and Popularity Map Layers in Pinnacle

When running a study in Pinnacle, this is how you turn on the Activity and Popularity map layers in the Community Insights section


If you are not already in the maps section of your study, you will need to navigate by clicking on the ‘Maps’ icon at the top left corner of the page.

On the 'Insights' panel to the right, click on ‘Community Insights’ to see available options and parameters to set up the map layers.

Activity Map Layer
Select ‘Activity’ to visualize the level of activity at an aggregate level. Select desired day(s) of week and/or time of day as appropriate for the purpose of your study.

Note: if you want to select only specific days, you can select the "all" button to un-select everything.

Popularity Map Layer
Turn on the ‘Popularity’ toggle to visualize a neighborhood's popularity in terms of the growth trend of mobile devices. Red indicates areas that have seen a growth in the number of devices over the chosen period while blue indicates areas having a decline in the number of devices.