About the quality of Azira's Human Movement Data

What is Human Movement Data and what makes Azira's different?

The current market for location data is noisy and confusing. Companies are making bold claims about data size, quality and sourcing. However, truly understanding mobile data requires looking beneath vanity metrics and claims about source exclusivity. It requires understanding the various methods that are used to report the position of a mobile device, as well as assessing the quality of the output from each of those methods, in order to achieve the quality and usability sought by marketers, brands, researchers and analysts.

Azira takes a nuanced and rigorous approach to driving quality and usability into Human Movement Data, developed from many years of experience working in the industry. We have created a TrueScore™ metric to evaluate the quality of location data collected from multiple sources such that our Mobile Intelligence Engine stores only the highest-quality location data for use in our suite of advertising, measurement and analysis tools.


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