Usage Report Tool

Guidance on how to navigate the usage report tool which will summarize your company's report and credit usage.

Step 1:  Log into your account via the Vista Platform (not currently available in Pinnacle)



Step 2:  Select the clipboard icon on the left side panel entitled “Business Systems”



Step 3: The Usage Report Tool will open to the screen below.  Your company name will be automatically selected; if you have child companies under your account, you can select them from the dropdown arrow.  Then enter the start and end dates for the timeframe you are requesting and select “Submit.”



Results:  An outline of your company’s details will appear which includes remaining credits, expiration date, and the total number of jobs run.  A chart will display below that, identifying the type of reports run and the total credits used during the selected timeframe.


*This is a permission based feature, therefore please contact if you would like to obtain access.