Visitors Home Report

The Visitors Home Report provides the common evening location of all visitors to the polygon.

Table of Contents

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The Visitors Home Report combines information from the point-in-polygon report and the CEL reports into one convenient format:

UM ID Polygon ID

Timestamp seen in Polygon

CEL Latitude CEL Longitude

This report allows the specification of a “Full Geo” output. When this option is exercised, more columns are appended to the reports, right after the lat-long values for both CEL and CDL. The appended columns are:

Country State Zip/Postal Census Metro


It is important to note that not every CEL or CDL has these extra assignments. Near does have zip, metro and census assignments for the US and some non-US countries, but for a complete list of available geographies per country, please get in touch with our Support team.



How is a common evening location determined?

Great question! Visit our Common Evening Location article which answers this in-depth. 


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