Vista Insights FAQs

What is the accuracy of your device pings?

The points plotted in the Visitation Heatmap are within 3-10 feet of the device’s ping. The Common Evening Location and Common Daytime Location reports intentionally jitter the plot points by 50 meters for privacy protection.

Why doesn’t the date range in the Visitation Over Time report reflect the dates I designated when creating the report? 

Due to the method and timing we use to baseline visitation data, depending on what dates are used, the data might not populate for the most recent month. Typically, baselined visitation information for the prior month is available in the middle of the current month (ex. April data is available in mid-May).

Why don’t I see a mobile trade area in my report?

If a location has too few visitors, it’s possible that a mobile trade area image may not render.