What is Vista?

Vista is a platform created by Azira which powers a suite of location intelligence products that provide actionable insights

The technology in Vista provides flexible solutions depending on a company's need. One or multiple of these solutions can be used in tandem depending on your company's structure and use case. 

Vista Insights

  • Visualization-focused, easy-to-use tool optimized for single site analysis. Includes exportable insights on visitation trends, consumer profiles, and precise draw areas for any type of location. 
  • No analytical resources or tools are required.
  • Ideal for companies who haven't used mobile location data before and want to try it out, or users looking for rapid insights and visualizations for decision-making, marketing and presentations.
  • Easy online sign up gets you 25 reports per month for free (no credit card information required). 

Vista Data Explorer

  • Data querying platform optimized for multi-location, large scale data pulls with controllable settings.
  • Can accommodate users with varying analytical resources.
    • Small scale reports can be analyzed using Esri ArcGIS Online, Business Analyst and PowerBI.
    • Summary reports are recommended for efficient analysis and can be run in Microsoft Excel or PowerBI.
    • Large datasets used for deep analysis are recommended for users of Esri ArcGIS Pro/ArcMap, Alteryx, Python, Tableau and other spatial capable platforms, or companies who have data scientists and engineers.
  • Ideal for businesses interested in site-specific insights, customer profiling, competitive analysis, store closure analysis, cannibalization or marketing analysis.

📍Are you an ESRI user? Azira is an ESRI partner and has ESRI-compatible inputs and outputs which can be used in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro/ArcMap.

ESRI users that choose Azira can be confident they will receive the support that comes from years of cooperation and partnership with the world's most popular GIS platform.

Partnership - Feeds and API

  • API access and feeds are ideal for companies interested in automated access to mobile location data which can seamlessly integrate into your platform.
  • We recommend customers considering this solution have data scientists and engineers on staff.

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